I'm Johanna Breuch

About Me

An illustrator and graphic designer that loves cats

Like most of us creatives, I can’t remember a time where drawing, painting, vandalizing my parents property wasn’t my no.1 hobby.
So of course I went on and studied something creative, Art & Crossmedeia Design, a very broad study where I could dabble into a lot of creativley expressive mediums like photography, animation, typography, graphic design, illustration and film but also experiment with techniques like screen printing, linoprint, wood working and ceramics. Not every single one of those was my passion, but some of them came back to me lateron and I’m glad I had the possibility to get to know these techniques before committing to one.
Fast forward to today: after a little crisis on what I want to do with all these broad skills after finishing my studies I landed on making cats my main theme. I love experimenting with new mediums and trying new things, so sticking to at least a theme was neccesary to not loose myself in too many ideas and possibilies. Some things that keep coming back are screen printing, painting with watercolors and gouache, simple digital line drawings and make something wearable/useful from those illustrations..

My Experience

Owner The Printed Cat – 2019 | Present

Since 2019 I’m dedicating most of my time to create art and design that has something to do with cats. I’m a person that loves to experiment, so the mediums I’m workinig with can vary quite a bit, but cats will alays be my favourite theme to work on.

Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer – 2018 | Present

I started freelancing without knowing where to go and I’m still available for non cat-related work. but Cats will alwys find ma priority

In-House Crossmedia Designer – 2015 | Present
DUMETA B.V., Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

Doing everything design related, like borchures, ads, pricelists, banners for trade fairs, taking pictures,,cutting videos. Basically anything that has to do with content creation and making it look good is what I do here.

Customer Service Agent – 2015 | 2016
Lieferando, Enschede, The Netherlands
Bachelor of Design – 2010 | 2015

Aki ArtEZ Hoogeschool voor de kunsten, Enschede, The Netherlands



Outdoor expo ROEM x Museum de Lakenhal ‘ Please don’t touch’

Online Expo ROEM x Binnenwereld/Buitenwereld



Expo ROEM ‘Fair Enough’, Wibar, Leiden



Graduation Expo, AKI ArtEZ Finals



The Happy Zine, Online Printers X Forward Festival



Covid-19 zine, Annemieke Dannenberg

‘Please don’t touch’, bundeld works, Lakenhal x ROEM



‘Griekse helden’, Boekie Boekie, 3rd price StART Award



‘reproductie/reproduction/reproduktion’, Yearbook, AKI ArtEZ

‘Und so sprach das Polygon zum Tintenstrich: So ‘was wie dich, woll’n wir hier nicht!’, Senior thesis

My Skills

Cat Illustrations (traditional & digital)
Screen Printing
Adobe (PS, AI, ID, AE)
Graphic Design
Merch Design
Photography (analogue and digital)
Video editing