Keyboard cat meme illustrated and animated gif of cat typing on keyboard

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for all your cat illustration and graphic design needs!


Recently lost a good feline friend of many years? Or is a loved one crazy about their chonker and you're looking for a great birthday present?
I am available to create custom drawings, digitally (so you can get them printed on whatever you want and online services offer) as well as traditionally with watercolors, to hang in your livingroom.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


In need of some cat illustrations for your magazine? Do you have a cat-related business and want some designs for an ad or new business-cards? Wall decorations for your cat-café? A poster design? Designs to print on shirts, hoodies or tote-bags for your brand? Hit me up, I'm thrilled to do those things for you!
(Pssst: Currently looking for a baby and/or children clothing brand that would like to work together with me on, I have some ideas!)


You might know that I sell my own products under the brand name 'The Printed Cat'. I screen print my own high-quality shirts, make art prints or work together with manufacturers to create embroidery patches, enamel pins or my own washi tape. Furthermore, I handmake greeting cards and have a wide range of stickers. If anything from my shop strikes you as brilliant and you would like to sell it in your shop, tell me more about you and what you're interested in. I'd love to work with you!

    Johanna Breuch

    from Germany. Currently living in Leiden, The Netherlands

    I speak english, german and dutch!